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Why Silk: Benefits of silk

Why Silk: Benefits of silk | Bells & Birds

Why we use silk, and why we love it. 


Why Silk? Benefits of Silk

Silk is known for not only being the Queen of fabrics, it also comes with a number of benefits of using it. Referred to as the 'epitome of fabrics and textiles', silk looks, feels and resonates luxury. Bells & birds sources for only the best materials in our products.

Mulberry silk 

Mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk that is produced from the silkworms of Bombyx Mori moth. The diet of the moths consist of only Mulberry leaves, which the fabric was named after. It is also the most widely used silk type in the world! 

" Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand"

- Oscar de la Renta


Benefits of Silk

Silk is Hypoallergenic



  •  Mulberry Silk is a natural product which is safe for sensitive skin or for those with allergies. Lounging or sleeping on silk is ideal for soothing skin conditions and prevent irritations.


Temperature Regulation



  • Silk is Ideal for both humid and dry climates and temperatures. It naturally regulates skin temperature and its breathability is perfect for anyone.


Hydrating & Natural material for great skin and hair care




  • Silk as a fabric helps you retain moisture and natural oils which are usually absorbed by other absorbent fabrics, resulting in dry and dull skin.
  • Naturally breathable fibers in silk embraces skin vitality whilst its smooth silky texture protects and keeps your hair soft, moisturized and tangle-free.


Pregnant Mummys and Baby-safe






  • Naturally and organically made, silk is naturally anti-microbial, repels bacteria, dust mites and keeps mold out.
  • Silk robes and slips are perfect for pregnant mummys as it offers movement, natural shape and comfort during their term. Robes also double up as a nursing or delivery outfit for comfort and convenience.
  • Silk as a fabric feels soft and frictionless which is also a great material for babies to lie on. Silk reduces the likelihood of the fabric tugging on baby hair which causes baby bald-spots.

    Environmental Benefit

    Although silk is a by-product of an animal, it uses lesser carbon footprint compared to synthetic fibres.

    It is also a biodegradable, compostable material. compared to fabrics using cotton, there is lesser impact on the environment in general.

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    Choosing silk comes with a multitude of benefits which helps improve quality of life as well as rest comfortably in silk without irritation.

    Now you know why we choose silk and why you should choose it too.

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     Why choose silk? 

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