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Article: What is a bridal robe for?

What is a bridal robe for? | Bells & Birds

What is a bridal robe for?

Bridal robes: The most frequently asked questions and more 

There are many 'purposes' of a bridal robe, let's start with the obvious!
Basically it makes you feel absolutely beautiful on the most important day of your life.

Many brides take care of the essentials but forget that the getting ready moments are equally precious. Photographers usually capture these moments so make sure you’re wearing something as pretty as your gown.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the bride is so stressed out from months of planning, that she overlooks this detail and will live to regret when she looks back on those getting ready pictures (like me...)!

A most important point is that it is too late when you realize you can hardly pull a t-shirt over your flawless makeup and elegant hairdo! Robes typically come with a satin/silk sash so you can easily tie according to how loose/tight you prefer.

You can also wear it on your pre-wedding shoot! We have had some creative customers who inspired us by wearing it on their outdoor pre-wedding shoot as an chic dress. Isn't that truly versatile!

Moving on to the aesthetics. A luxurious bridal robe speaks volumes of your taste. You have spent a lot of effort and time on making your dream wedding come true. Your dream wedding is not just the venue, decor, flowers, music... It's about YOU! Therefore, make sure you choose a well-made robe, not just for one day. It should last you beyond your wedding...

Which brings us to the next frequently asked question: When can I wear it again?

We highly recommend taking it along with you on your honeymoon.

It's time to let your hair down now that you are officially 'Mrs'! But remain beautiful, you are still basking in the glow.

You can even wear your bridal robe on the next chapter of your life - maternity. Yes! Maternity boudoir shoots are really popular now. We have had so many gorgeous ladies purchase our lace robes for their maternity boudoirs, and you can absolutely see them glowing while placing their hands on their lovely bumps. Seeing our customers in their maternity robes always makes my day.

In summary, you deserve the best. A bridal robe completes your wedding journey and a well-made robe serves you beyond your wedding day. 

And of course, you can wear it during motherhood too.

Pictures that document the precious moments with your little one always makes me feel so fuzzy. Isn't it so beautiful?

So before you conclude a robe is 'too expensive' to wear for just one day - think again.

Oh did we mention that you can have one made just for you? Yes, because everyone is special!
Pick from our array of 120 gorgeous colours and personalized embroidery.

Until our next post, stay in love.

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