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Article: Collaboration with The Slate

Collaboration with The Slate | Bells & Birds

Collaboration with The Slate

We've been working on this special collaboration for almost half a year,
and am so excited to finally share about our very first project with a resort!
A luxury resort based in Phuket, The Slate is renowned for their unique design elements, standout branding and warm hospitality.
With the tropical heliconia plant in mind as the design focus,
we created a luxurious black silk robe with wide kimono sleeves,
finished with a full-back embroidery of the heliconia.
Black - the colour of allure and mystery, was chosen as a staple in any wardrobe.
Every thread colour was meticulously handpicked and matched to ensure it brings out the vibrancy of the heliconia plant.
We made this in a very limited quantity, for sale exclusively at The Slate.
It is part of their unique and romantic 50 Shades of Slate package,
but also available for purchase at 15,000 THB.
Model & Photography:

We are thankful for the incredible opportunity to create this one-of-a-kind keepsake for the wonderful guests of The Slate, 
and truly look forward to our next collaboration!


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