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Article: All about Maternity Photoshoots

All about Maternity Photoshoots

All about Maternity Photoshoots

Maternity photoshoots have become popular in recent times as a form of keepsake or memoir of one's pregnancy journey. Such photos that depict a beautiful swelling that represents what mother's go through to create a life! 

All about Maternity Photoshoots

Preparing for your maternity photoshoot is important as everything should be planned. It is advised for pregnant mommies to be between 30 to 36 weeks of their pregnancy. Read on below to know what to wear, props to bring, inspirations for your photoshoot as well as partner packages that we offer for our lovely customers.

What to wear

Dressing your bump is essential to capture the essence of pregnancy. Maternity photoshoots are intimate, personal and romantic. As a mother, it is important to ensure that photoshoots are comfortable and fuss-free.

Pair our comfortable silk or modal cotton slips with romantic lace kaftans and robes for a soft and romantic look. They are easy to put on and remove, soft on your skin. Perfect for mixing things up for the photoshoot. 

@weecheryl in Mon Tresor Lace Kaftan in white

@Tippytapp in Enchante Lace Robe paired with our Padded Slips

@weecheryl in our Forever and Ever Lace Robe

Opting to bare your tummy? We recommend intimates from Perk by Kate for pretty lace bralettes!


Love our signature pieces but not ready to purchase? We're now open to rent.

While most of our robes and kaftans can be rented, check out our most popular styles for maternity photoshoots.

Check out our robes and slips for maternity photoshoots here! 

*All pieces are dry cleaned before the next loan. Kindly refrain from bringing the robes to grassy and muddy areas, as it might damage the delicate lace.

Rental T&C:
Rental period is 5 days, with collection and return at our studio.
Full deposit is required before collection and refunded upon return.
For further enquiries, please WhatsApp us at 98624370

What to bring for maternity shoots - additional props to consider

Maternity shoots can be simple or extravagant, and there are many types of shoots that you can choose from. The type of shoot you're going for determines the additional props to bring - eg. classic indoor maternity shoots, milk bath or an outdoor session with the sunset.

Pen a letter of anticipation and love for your newborn, along with a cute baby headscarf and sonogram.

Milk baths are always dreamy and special. Add a touch of flowers to complete the look. For milk baths, opt for lightweight lace robes like our Ever After and Mon Trésor.


Additionally, you can also bring items that you've bought for your baby, such as teddy bears, pillows and clothes.

Book a package with us



We hope you've enjoyed reading this little guide. For more maternity photoshoot inspirations check out our Instagram.

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