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Article: MATERNITY BOUDOIR X Lian Meiting

MATERNITY BOUDOIR X Lian Meiting | Bells & Birds


Our favourite beauty influencer, Lian Meiting, was expecting her first child,
so we were very excited to plan this fun shoot together with Confetti Peektures!

Her hubby also jumped in for some shots, and everyone enjoyed seeing them banter on set.
As Meiting is pretty tall (1.7m), our Fleur de Vie Lace Robe falls beautifully to her ankle, which always look great in pictures.
I'm smitten with long robes in photoshoots, especially for maternity,
as it just adds feminity and grace.
Great tip from Confetti Peektures: bring your baby's toys / accessories that can be used as props.
This was something I hadn't thought of before, usually couples just bring the ultrasound scan!
A classic shot with the ultrasound. 
Funny bit: none of us realized it was held upside down until Meiting noticed it weeks after!
We also created our Signature Silk Robe in Ultraviolet, Pantone's Colour of the Year, for Meiting.
Such a sweet, flattering shade on her porcelain fair skin!
My favourite shot from this session, it captures a beautiful moment of Meiting's journey into motherhood.
Mommy doesn't have to pose hands on tummy for all 200 pictures!
It is important to also focus on herself, as motherhood represents change, and a newfound meaning to beauty.
Heartfelt congratulations to Meiting and Shunxiong on the arrival of angel Kayla!


Special thanks to Confetti Peektures and Flowers and Fables for the kind support :)

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