What is your concept of beauty?
When I posed this question to a few friends, they struggled to find the words.

It seems so simple yet intangible. Can beauty be measured?
Yes of course we can identify someone beautiful very quickly. But is beauty truly measured by what we perceive? 

I came across Mihaela Noroc's "The Atlas of Beauty" project, and thought it was the most wonderful thing. What an expansive project that truly drove home the subject of what beauty is. It is incredible how beauty is perceived so differently across the world, perhaps reshaping our views on how beauty can actually be so simple and pure.

In our latest lookbook, {Beauty for Every Body}, I wanted to drive home the point that our robes are handmade for every different body, every body that is unique in our own ways. 

We started out carrying sizes XS-L, and as you might guess, we sell sizes XS and S most. 
But, I myself am not an S. I'm a UK12, which would 'label' me as an L. Where would I have been able to buy a nice robe for myself then?
I saw that I needed to also create sizes that are not limited to a single digit. 

Today, we make lace and silk robes that cater to sizes 0-20.
I wish to celebrate beauty of all sizes, and that women, whichever stage we are at in our lives, can still look and feel beautiful.


I'm immensely thankful to the following vendors, particularly my fellow #girlbosses for modeling alongside me.
{Beauty for Every Body} is a dream come true, and wouldn't have been possible without their support. 

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Stay in love,