BESPOKE Fleece Bathrobe


In the past few years, we have done many custom silk orders - robes, bedding sets, pillowcases, kids pyjamas etc.

Our expertise and direct contacts to fabric suppliers allow us to make custom sleepwear and loungewear at competitive prices.

With bespoke, you are getting something that fits well to your body, something truly yours. While some people are able to buy off-the-rack pieces, we realized that many people have trouble with either the top or bottom fitting well, or a custom length to suit their height.

This listing is a sample of our work - classic plush bathrobe in a midi length with embroidery. Pricing will differ based on your design and size.

Kindly note the timeline for bespoke orders is 2-4 weeks. 
If you have always wanted a bespoke creation, do speak to us. 

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