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Article: Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifting

Gifts are a significant part of special occasions that we celebrate – be it your wedding anniversary, the day that you met, the moment you swore your oath to another or just an expression of gratitude. Gifts express your feelings of appreciation, affection as well as a token of your everlasting love.

Anniversary gifts originated in the medieval period, when a silver garland marked a 25th anniversary and a golden wreath marked a 50th anniversary during the Holy Roman Empire era. This anniversary gifting tradition continued on and has evolved into what we see now in contemporary gifting, where gifts of all sorts are introduced in a bid to reminisce or commemorate that moment.

The Gift

" Her eyes were beautifully gift-wrapped; long black lashes of velvet ribbon- and everytime she opened them, it felt like Christmas" 

- Michael Faudet 

Wedding Anniversary

Loungewear is increasingly popular as anniversary gifts, because what better way to pamper Her than a most comfortable set of pyjamas or robe to cosy up in?

Gifting Silk - 12th Year


Did you know that based on Hallmark and other blogs on gifting, the perfect wedding anniversary to gift silk is on the 12th year of marriage? Of course, the timelessly luxurious silk is perfect for all occasions, but it's definitely apt on this great milestone. Mulberry silk, known for its comfort and classy look will be deeply appreciated by your special one regardless the occasion. 

Why choose silk? - Read what benefits silk brings to you and your loved one

Gifting Lace - 13th Year

And for romantic lace, the most suitable wedding anniversary is on the 13th year. Lace is a delicate weave of patterns, often made with cotton or silk threads. Exquisitely intricate, lace in our quintessential lounge & sleepwear will elevate her loungewear wardrobe. 

Gifting Cotton

Lastly, we have also a small milestone at your 2nd Anniversary, the traditional fabric is cotton! Made from the natural fibers of cotton plants, which are then spun into yarn that is woven to create a soft yet durable fabric, our well-loved selection of Modal Cotton is perfect for everyday wear.

Soft and light, it is popular as it requires less care than silk.

Shop our selection here 

Brides and Anniversaries

We pride ourselves as the pioneer maker of bridal robes in Singapore. Often times, people surprise their significant other with an anniversary or maternity shoot to celebrate such milestones in life. Our signature lace robes are just what you need for a shoot, available both for rent and purchase.


Anniversary gifts made with sincerity and thought do not have to follow a certain set of rules or traditions. Don't know what exactly to gift? How about an e-gift card or a fun mystery bag? Just tell us what she likes and we'll do the rest :)

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Ambassador Program

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