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Article: Sustainability & Slow Fashion

Sustainability & Slow Fashion

Sustainability & Slow Fashion

Word from the founder

Since we started the brand in 2014, we have produced in small quantities, not limited by seasons nor trends. We consider the processes and resources taken to make each and every one of our products - which are timeless in nature and seeking only quality fabric that is produced fairly in treatment of people, animals and the environment. 

Sustainability to us: Thoughtful, Intentional and Holistic

Eliminating fast fashion

Fast fashion increased the consumption of fashion due to constantly changing trends, social media and consumer culture. It leads to a decreased number of times a garment is worn, and increasing amount of clothing produced to cater to soaring demand.

Supporting slow fashion brands

It is important to understand what slow fashion does for us and the environment. Supporting brands that implement fair and ethical practices allows us to thoughtfully purchase pieces and eliminates mindless consumption.


Bells & Birds' take on sustainability and slow fashion


  • You may now notice that several of our styles, particularly the Mulberry Silk range, are on backorder. Due to its 100% nature derived from silkworms, we partner a small workshop in Hangzhou and as such, we only craft when we receive an order. We make our products in small quantities, to reduce mass production.
  • Our lace & silk robes can be fully customized to size, length and style, so you are getting something truly bespoke while removing production wastage.
  • These quality fabrics are ethically sourced directly from family-run producers, with our lace & silk robes handmade locally in Singapore by home-based seamstresses.


  • Packing contributes a lot to environmental waste such as the use of plastics and disposables. We keep in mind the importance of gifting sustainably.
  • Our packaging hardly uses plastic (except for silk masks due to hygiene). Instead, our gift boxes and bags are designed to be easily reused or recycled.



  • As a fashion brand, there will inevitably be wastage from fabric offcuts - remnants of fabric cuts to make our products. We re-purpose them into accessories such as our pouches which are given with every purchase, and hair scrunchies.

Reducing Wastage

  • Our approach to slow fashion made us think of how we can give back to the society. We donate laces and chiffon to a non-profit organization called Angel Hearts - dressing angel babies that are lost but forever close to our hearts.


Thoughtful purchasing

Sustainability has shaped the core of our brand in our processes, purchases and production, taking baby steps as part of Singapore's sustainability and slow fashion movement.

Just like our sleepwear range which is designed to last, we encourage everyone to consume mindfully and take meaningful actions.

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