Peachy Keen x Jenn Im

We're sure Jenn Im (@imjennim) is a familiar name to most of you, and we are incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with sweet Jenn for her dreamy wedding!
For Jenn, we crafted our signature silk robe in shade #79,
with her name monogram in shade 78.
How classy and sweet does this pairing look?

These robes are worn for getting ready on wedding morning,
like doing your makeup and hair. Don't forget a glass of champagne!
It's easy and fuss-free since it doesn't go over your head, and simply wraps over your body comfortably.
We use a luxurious, soft silk that makes getting ready extra special!
It is also recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Jenn's gorgeous bridal squad went for shade #78, a demure peachy tone which matches the blush tones in her wedding perfectly!
We are absolutely thrilled to have been a part of Jenn's big day.
Thank you for having us from across the globe!

Our Silk Robes are available in a dazzling 120 colours.
There's definitely something for everyone.
Click here to view our colour chart