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Benefits of Wearing Silk

We've heard that silk is great for us, and you might have seen silk pillowcases getting very popular recently. 

But how exactly does silk benefit us?

We list five wonderful benefits below, which we personally attest to!


1. Prevents effects of ageing
Do you sometimes wake up with creases on your face? Those are actually caused by your cotton pillow cases.

Cotton draws in moisture from your hair and face, including those products that you apply painstakingly before bed!
Obviously that also causes build up of bacteria in the pillowcase, which are then transferred to your face.

Silk doesn't absorb moisture as much, and also reduces friction between your skin and the pillow. 


2. Reduces hair breakage
If you're repeatedly rubbing the same areas of hair against cotton, it can result in breakage.
Even cotton that may feel soft to the skin, actually grips and tugs at individual strands, causing damage and breakage.

The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction which often causes damage, such as split ends.

Silk also does not strip off your hair's natural oils like cotton does, and helps with retaining hydration.

Hence, you'll wake up with nourished, tangle-free hair instead of fragile hair!


3. Lets your skin breathe
While synthetic and natural fabrics traps air within the fabric, silk allows air to move in and out of the fabrics while you sleep, allowing new oxygen to pass by your skin.
Therefore your skin can breathe and feel refreshed.

Before I learned about silk and made silk robes, I used to sleep in cotton t-shirts or slips, but now I go to bed in silk when I can, and do have a better rest!
See point 5 for elaboration.


4. Relieves skin irritation
Did you know that rough fabrics, or sometimes even cotton, can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema, by causing itch?

Silk is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. 
Made from long, smooth fibers that are not abrasive against your skin, the smooth texture in silk reduces irritation to sensitive skin.

Some people say that silk prevents acne, because silk helps decrease loss of moisture and is better tolerated than other fabrics by people with sensitive skin.


5. Keeps you cool and comfy
Too hot to sleep? This is my daily problem! 
I've never been able to agree with people who say they feel cold, as I'm always on the warmer side, while my husband jokes that I'm a heater.

Due to our warm, humid climate in Singapore (or pretty much, Asia), silk is an ideal fabric choice as it can absorb and emit human body sweat quickly, 
freeing the moisture more quickly than other fibres.

Also, silk helps regulate our body temperature and reduce perspiration while we sleep.
Going through menopause? There is nothing worse than breaking out into a sweat halfway through your sleep. 

Silk can reduce stress factors for our body and aid in a deeper slumber.
Its cooling effect during hot summer nights and warming quality due to the fabrics tightly woven fibers make silk an optimal choice for sleepwear.

Choosing silk puts the least stress on our skin and allow you to sleep comfortably without irritation.


We hope this article has been insightful.

With a multitude of beneficial properties, and a supremely soft touch, 
our loungewear collection also includes pyjamas and masks for the family, so everyone can feel comfortable all day.