My working experience in retail

When I started working, I never wanted to work in retail because of all the horror stories I heard from people I know (eg. rude customers, grueling hours, drama between staff and more). So no matter what, I stayed away from all the retail job ads anytime I was looking for a job. 

But late last year, that changed. I had to leave my job at the time due to unforeseen circumstances and looked high and low for jobs. I must have applied for over 20 jobs and went for multiple interviews. I did whatever I could to survive; started a home-based baking business, started being more careful with my money. But it wasn’t enough. After almost two months and still no job – I was desperate, hence I reluctantly started applying for retail positions. 

Let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I made in 2021. I now have a job I genuinely enjoy. To be honest, it isn’t smooth sailing all the time. Some days are quiet and I feel like I'm guarding some sort of museum, but other days, I'm running around like a headless chicken – in a good way! As with any other jobs, you’re bound to encounter the occasional tricky customers but you also meet the sweetest, nicest people. I love waking up and knowing that each day at work will be different. 

Being able to work closely with my boss is amazing because I know my ideas and concerns will be listened to. And I love that. To be honest, I’m glad I picked working in a cosy boutique over a retail chain. Great boss, great environment, great clothes – what more can I ask for!

My conclusion is: retail can be a rewarding career. Looking back now, I don’t know why I had a bad impression of the retail industry. Don’t knock it till you try it! :)


Bella (full-timer)