Noir X Scarlet

It is always exciting for us to bring our lovely customers' ideas to life.

This time, together with Ashley Low Photography, we bring to you an unique take on maternity photoshoots.
Featuring Scarlet, the talented lady behind @scarletlovesguitar, she is charismatic and oozes subtle sensuality in our Mon Trésor Lace Kaftan, bringing the noir concept to life perfectly!
We love how well Scarlet pulled off this look!

Certainly a new and memorable concept for us, we are grateful to embark on this collaboration.
Scarlet also dons our Pink Cotton Lace Kaftan, revealing her softer side. There's just something about maternity shoots that really brings out the gentleness and natural beauty in a woman.

We are delighted to announce that for a limited period, you can rent our robes from Ashley Low Photography.

Perfect for your milestone shoots, like pregnancy announcement shoots, maternity shoots and even for getting ready on wedding day morning.

Looking forward to seeing you beautiful ladies in our handcrafted pieces!


Special thanks to Ashley Low photography and Christine Chia Makeup for this fun day!