World Sleep Day 2023

As a sleepwear brand, there’s no question that we love the ritual of relaxation. With World Sleep Day coming right up this week, it's a timely reminder to put self-care first.

A celebration of sleep and its importance to achieving a higher quality of life and improving global health, this year’s slogan is aptly titled Sleep is Essential for Health.

Consistent bed and rise times are associated with better sleep quality. In recognition of World Sleep Day 2023, we have put together our favorite tips to help you drift off!

1. Try to sleep at consistent times

Aligning with the natural timings of sunrises and sunsets, your body’s rhythm functions on a set loop. Rather than keeping your sleep cycle guessing, adopt consistency with your sleeping and rising times can lead to better sleep quality in the long-term. Once it becomes a habit, you might not even need an alarm!

2. Quality bedding helps

While the amount of support can vary by personal preferences, comfortable bedding is sure to enhance beauty sleep and reduce overnight back aches. For an extra luxe touch, our mulberry silk pillowcases are gentle on your skin and hair, preventing accidental tugging and breakage. Also, say goodbye to sleep wrinkles in the morning!

3. Keep it dark...

Bright lights can impact the quality of your sleep. By keeping it as dark and quiet as possible, you can fully switch off and drift into a good night’s sleep. Try using a mulberry silk eye mask to keep the lights out, and relax your eyes.

4. Find a cosy temperature (and PJs!)

Sometimes it gets too warm in our humid weather, or chilly during bouts of occasional crazy rain, it is important to set a room temperature comfortable and conducive to sleep in. Our selection of pyjamas and robes, particularly mulberry silk ones, are temperature regulating, adapting to your body’s natural temperature. Designed for everyday comfort, they are popular must-haves for keeping cosy.

5. Limit the caffeine

Giving you a boost of energy and focus during the day, everyone loves a strong espresso or tea. But limit your caffeine intake especially at night, due to its stimulation effects. Want something soothing? Try a decaffeinated option or calming tea instead.

6. Exhale and relax...

We are used to scrolling aimlessly on social media before bedtime. How about reducing screen time, and unwinding with a relaxing bath, meditation, listening to soothing music or light reading instead? 

In our daily ritual, we also enjoy a little aromatherapy to make us feel oh-so-relaxed and ready for bed.

Remember that the key is consistency. Healthy habits deliver life-long benefits, and you never need a reason to indulge in self-care! 

From us to you...

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