Welcome, 2022

For most people, 2021 was a year that was hardly memorable and zoomed by real quickly. For us, it was a year of growth.

Going from a by-appointment studio in Tai Seng to our flagship store at Raffles Hotel Arcade, it was definitely a huge leap forward in these current times of uncertainty. In our eighth year of business now, I sometimes hit a creative plateau while wanting to do absolutely everything. By nature, I have always been a risk-taker and never want to have thoughts of 'what-ifs'. An opportunity for a physical space came up, and I readily took it.

As we have shared with some of you who drop by the store, we are still learning about the crowd – many who still prefer to shop online. Not gonna lie – on quiet days, I question if opening a store has been a right move. Overheads aside, we struggle with slow traffic, new competitors, dead stock and manpower shortage, just like many other businesses.

But I believe a strong mindset helps, and of course, working hard. This year, we are also committed to reducing waste, launching limited, capsule collections and collaborating with more like-minded small businesses. And are incredibly excited to be launching monthly workshops at our store – think crafting candles, jewelry, fashion art and more :)

Till this day, I still enjoy being on the sales floor, reminded of my first jobs working in retail. I am happy to help with fittings, answering questions and taking lovely pics of our customers in our unique pieces. I am thankful for every single one of you – all your kind support, generous words, sharing pics with us on social media and more.

Do stay on the journey with us, as we create magic in 2022. Please come visit us at our store if you are around the area! Happy New Year and stay safe, as always.