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Beauty Portraits x Iheartblooms

Beauty Portraits x Iheartblooms | Bells & Birds
This was, perhaps, one of the most casual and effortless beauty portraits taken. No fancy sets were involved - just a natural beauty, some fresh blooms, and a talented photographer.


Iheartblooms, Beauty Portraits, Bells and birdsIheartblooms, Beauty Portraits, Bells & Birds
The bold look that Iheartblooms did on Rossey, has definitely complemented our Black Cotton Lace Kaftan and Femme en Noir Lace Robe


Another look was definitely a total contrast from the first look, featuring our iconic Mon Trésor Lace Kaftan in Blanc.


Being the sweet lady that she is, we decided to have Rossey in a different colour of the same kaftan. This is a true representation that with a little change in makeup and a different robe, you are able to transform from a bold and daring woman to a sweet, demure lady.  
Iheartblooms, Beauty Portraits, Bells & BirdsIheartblooms, Beauty Portraits, Bells & Birds
We are beyond thankful to have Iheartblooms as one of our close industry partners, and with that being said, they are currently having a customisable wedding package. So, do have a look as an additional option will not hurt!
Do enquire if you're keen to have Iheartblooms and us shoot your intimate beauty, boudoir or maternity session :)

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