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Temple Candles (Peony Petal & Fern)

Inspired by the aesthetic beauty and healing energies of the ancient gemstone White Jade, with a heavy crystal clear base and sheer white inner, our sophisticated faceted glass candle vessels are custom designed and unique to our brand. Our sleek faceted glassware will blend seamlessly with any interiors style, adding a touch of glamour to your spaces.


Known as the ‘King of Flowers’ in Asian culture, the Peony has graced the gardens of Imperial Palaces for centuries and is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and elegance.

This sumptuous floral scent blooms with the velvety fragrance of peony petals laced with African violets, bergamot, lemon citron and jasmine with heart notes of wild rose and dewy green fern.  A luxuriously cool, fresh rose fragrance that smells just like walking into a florist!

Up to 80 hours burn time with correct candle care

Inspired by Singapore and romantic travels of the Far East, TEMPLE Candles are perfectly packaged for gifting.  Each signature gift box features a hand woven ‘Eternal Knot’ tassel which has a centuries-old meaning in many parts of Asia. A charm that symbolises good luck, longevity, and an auspicious connection between two souls, it makes TEMPLE home fragrances an especially meaningful gift.

Tip: Our candles are made with 100% natural unbleached cotton wicks which require special attention. Please take care to trim to 3-5mm before every use to ensure the best fragrance diffusion and longest candle burn time.