Bells and Birds Flagship Store

Introducing: Our new home vis-à-vis our flagship store @ Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade

Enter - Bells & Birds 

Bells & Birds is 7 years in the making and we are so excited to host you in our dreamy new retail space. We have always dreamt of a perfect space that is suitable for our brand and we are glad to finally call Raffles hotel our home. Raffles Singapore is an iconic 19th century hotels that is historically significant and brimmed with tradition.
Nestled in a quiet corner on Seah Street, we present you- a big and cosy space with plenty of natural sunlight streaming in. Designed with the hotel and the brand in mind, we embody soft pink curves and arches to match the regal heritage of Raffles and the history behind it. Soft pink mermaid scales wallpaper and beautifully adorned pastel flowers dress our photo wall, which we plan to rotate the style and design when different seasons come.


Igor Shells wallpaper by hellocircus, paper blooms styled by @wulalaaa

Word from the Head Shopkeeper :)

When I first started Bells & Birds, I didn't expect anything. I had still been working full-time, and the brand had been a sideline - a little creative outlet. 

As time went by and our small customer base grew bigger, I took a plunge of faith to take the business full-time. With a background in luxury market research and marketing, I'm thankful to be able to serve our customers intimately.

They say seven times the charm, and perhaps it's true! In the past seven years, we have moved a whopping seven times, always trying to find a place where we belong.

Deep in my heart, I've always dreamt of having a cosy store to call my own, a space to introduce ladies to lovely loungewear.

Today, I'm honoured to now call Raffles Hotel our home, a truly iconic venue where our homegrown brand belongs. There is nowhere else like Raffles, and no other brand with a personal touch like ours :)

- Amanda

Our 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Masks from our Silk Masks Collection

Sustainable Luxury

Our sustainable and eco-friendly luxury practices extends into our new space in the form of furniture and materials used. Our display furniture is ensembled with free-forming, sustainable paper furniture. They serve as unique centerpieces as well as a space saving hack! Not only that, products are packed minimally and plastics are always reused or recycled sustainably.



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We are located at:
Raffles Hotel Arcade
#02-36 (Seah St drop-off)
Singapore 188719
Daily 11am - 7pm