Our take on Sustainability and Slow Fashion

Word from the founder

In a bid to do our part for the environment, Bells & Birds creates our products with the approach of Slow Fashion and Sustainability. We consider the processes and resources taken to make each and every one of our products - which are first and foremost, timeless in nature. Seeking only quality garments and fabric that lasts for a long time that is produced fairly in treatment of people, animals and the environment. 

Sustainability to us: Thoughtful, Intentional and Holistic

Eliminating fast fashion

Fast fashion increased the consumption of fashion due to constantly changing trends, social media and consumer culture. It leads to a decreasing trend of clothing utilization (no. of times a garment is worn), and increasing amount of clothing produced to cater to fast fashion.

Supporting slow fashion brands

It is important to understand what slow fashion does for us and the environment. Supporting brands that implement fair and ethical practices teaches you to thoughtfully purchase pieces and eliminates mindless consumption.


Our take on sustainability and slow fashion


  • Bells & Birds make our products in small quantities, which eliminates mass production that results in fast fashion. To prevent excess inventory we offer pre-orders on certain products to remove production wastage.
  • We also ethically source our fabrics directly from family-run producers and our products are handmade with love locally in Singapore by skilled seamstresses.


  • Packing contributes a lot to environmental waste such as the use of plastics and disposables. We keep in mind the importance of gifting sustainably.
  • Our packaging hardly uses plastic (except for silk masks due to hygiene). Instead, we use paper made products that are designed to be easily reused or recycled.



  • As a fashion brand, there will inevitably be wastage from Fabric Offcuts - remnants of fabric cuts to make our produces. We re-purpose these offcuts into accessories such as our Silk Pouches which are given at every purchase.

Reducing Wastage

  • Our approach to slow fashion made us think of how we can give back to the society. Thus we have been donating laces and chiffon to a non-profit organization called Angel Hearts - dressing angel babies that are lost but forever close to our hearts.


Thoughtful purchasing

Sustainability has shaped the core of our brand in our processes, purchases and production, taking baby steps as part of Singapore's sustainability and slow fashion movement. 

We encourage everyone to take a moment to think of how your purchase could impact you, the environment and people.